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Nokia Lumia | Infond memory of

I lost my phone on the first day i purchased it LOL πŸ˜› ….what more?? I have no such more memories with the phone…. but still I dint wanted to lose it..but unfortunately it did happen πŸ™

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Scoop – German Shepherd | Infond memory of

Scoop was a large sized dog. He was very attentive dog and used listen all my instructions. He had also participated in one of the dog shows held in Mumbai. I miss him a lot. He used to love me so much and was very attached to me . I LOVE YOU SCOOP… You have been the best part of my life… # RIP

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Quincy – Ragdoll | My best buddy

My cute little Bean was cute with blue eyes and beautiful white fur . I couldn’t forget the days when she used to sleep along with me on my bed. I used to love her more …pamper like a kid…aww she was so adorable kind of cat !!!! i miss her today a lot… love you Quincy !!

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