Wade Weilacker | Memoirs of Wade-o

THE OLD CLICHE, I shoulda spent more time with you If I had only knew….Its been 12 hours and I miss you already…No words can say my sorrow. All I know is with Daddy and A.J. you are in the best care. I love You big Brother, I will miss you terribly….

Nokia Lumia | Infond memory of

I lost my phone on the first day i purchased it LOL πŸ˜› ….what more?? I have no such more memories with the phone…. but still I dint wanted to lose it..but unfortunately it did happen πŸ™

Chocolate – yorkshire terrier | My best friend

Chocolate was a very adaptable kind of dog. He loves to travel with me and my family members. I named him as CHOCOLATE becoz he was very fond of chocolates !! LOL πŸ˜› . My cutie pie was so naughty and always wanted people’s attention. I miss you Chocolate.

Scoop – German Shepherd | Infond memory of

Scoop was a large sized dog. He was very attentive dog and used listen all my instructions. He had also participated in one of the dog shows held in Mumbai. I miss him a lot. He used to love me so much and was very attached to me . I LOVE YOU SCOOP… You have been the best part of my life… # RIP

RING | Infond memory of

I was gifted a ring by my husband on our wedding anniversary. It was so perfect for me and I started loving it so much . I am sad that i lost it within a week .

Quincy – Ragdoll | My best buddy

My cute little Bean was cute with blue eyes and beautiful white fur . I couldn’t forget the days when she used to sleep along with me on my bed. I used to love her more …pamper like a kid…aww she was so adorable kind of cat !!!! i miss her today a lot… love you Quincy !!

Yasho sagar | Infond memory of

Yasho Sagar was known for his role in the movie ULLASAMGA UTSANGA . The film was a block buster hit in his career.

He was killed in a car accident along with his other two friends . # RIP

Telangana Shakuntala | Infond memory of

Telangana Shakuntala was known for playing comedy and villain roles . Her performance was excellent movies like nuvvu nenu , osei ramulamma, okkadu etc.

She died from cardiac arrest at her home in Hyderabad. Her death was a shock to many of tollywood actors and her fans. Telugu film industry lost a very good artist like Shakuntala.

Raghamudri Srihari | A legendary actor

Srihari was an award winning actor in tollywood. He started his career in cinema with a very small roles and later turned out to be great actor in tollywood. He was hospitalised at Mumbai , with a complaint of giddiness and finally died after suffering from liver ailment. He is such a good actor and was the most talented person in TFI . For me , especially , I was impressed for his excellent act in MAGADHEERA !! we love you srihari gaaru.. we miss you .

Caesar – pocket Beagle | Man’s perfect friend

It was April 22nd, my birthday and i was waiting for a gift from my parents. My dad came behind me , closed my eyes and asked me to open my eyes until he counts 10 . and then i saw, my buddy CAESAR , a new entry to my family. I was surprised and very happy to get such a cute pet . He was a pocket beagle dog.. just fits within my palm.. he was so cute..sensitive . Some how, i lost him in the same year because of his gastric dilation disease. I MISS YOU MY BUDDY !! I WISHED YOU WOULD LIVE MORE YEARS !! IT IS SO PAINFUL TO START MY DAY WITHOUT SEEING U !! LET YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE.

Silicon analog and digital watch -fast track | my love’s first gift

I lost my watch on the first day of November. I spent hours looking for it and dint turn up somehow. I was gifted a watch by my wife on my birthday. It was so special for me because it was my love who gifted it to me for the first time. I shouldn’t have lost it. Feeling bad that i couldnt get it back. Hope i never lose such precious gifts next time.

DR. RAJKUMAR | Bevarina manushya – bangarada manushya

Dr. Rajkumar was an actor and singer in Kannada Film Industry . In his career he received 11 Karnataka state film awards , 10 south filmfare awards , 2 national film awards and one national award for his play back singing.

He was a very punctual and hard-working personality. The book BANGARADA MANUSHYA ,the chronicle of Dr.RAJKUMAR was written by A.N> Prahalada Rao was first released in 2005 and ran into four editions. He is a person whom any person lives in Karnataka cannot forget. WE MISS YOU !!!!

Phillip Hudges | Phillip Hudges – We love you

Phillip Joel Hudges was a left-handed opening batsman.

He died after being struck by a bouncer ,three days before his 26th birthday, was a precious talent from whom Australian cricket expected big things.

He has touched many hearts of the people around the world.

Let your soul rest in peace.

RAJU – pomeranian | A special Dog – Raju

Those who read this may understand how much a dog can be loved.

My beloved pet Raju died in the year 2005. He was so cute , friendly , playful and lively kind of dog. He was so possessive of chocolates and toys. I am so sorry for your loss. It took me a year to come out of this pain. The pain has lessen now , but you will always remain as a very special one for me.

Ramakrishna Reddy | Maacha

We miss you so much,a very active person in all activitives in all of my friends.
The good thing of him is,he takes anyone problems at anytime on his shoulders and he solves.

Anandji Dossa | Veteran Cricket Statistician died at 98

The doyen of the Indian cricket’s scoring and statistics started collecting the newspaper cuttings of every India match since first test in 1932 to 1990s in form of a scrapbook. His scrapbook had minor details that evolved into an integral part of cricketing scoring. This scrapbook is an encyclopedia of Indian cricket in itself.